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Your Trusted BCIN Design Experts in Ontario

At Neo-Scenic Designs, we specialize in bringing your construction visions to life while ensuring compliance with Ontario's Building Code standards. Our team of BCIN certified designers is dedicated to delivering precise and expertly crafted building plans, guaranteeing that your project not only meets your vision but also adheres to the stringent building regulations of Ontario.

What is a BCIN Designer?

A BCIN (Building Code Identification Number) Designer is a licensed professional in Ontario authorized to produce and approve building plans. This certification ensures that our designs are in strict adherence to the Ontario Building Code (OBC), a critical factor in ensuring the safety and integrity of buildings within the province.

Our Services

Our team at Neo-Scenic Designs excels in the complexities of residential and small commercial projects. From the initial concept to the final blueprint, we offer:

  • Custom Home Designs: Creating personalized solutions that perfectly blend your desires with safety and efficiency.
  • Renovations and Additions: Upgrading existing spaces with innovative, code-compliant designs.
  • Small Commercial Projects: Helping your business grow with designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Choose Neo-Scenic Designs?

Opting for a BCIN-certified designer like Neo-Scenic Designs means choosing a partner dedicated to excellence and compliance. Our qualifications enable us to:

  • Assure that your project complies with the latest building standards and codes.
  • Simplify the permit application process with accurately prepared and certified plans.
  • Provide peace of mind knowing that your design has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by experts knowledgeable about Ontario's specific building requirements.

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